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CPEP Certification

  • CPEP Program 
Certified Posture Exercise Professional
  • Posture Rehab Protocol Set
  • Professional Training Manual
  • Individual Posture Exercise Handouts for patients / clients
  • Training DVD
  • Stand Taller Live Longer (required reading)
  • 15 Hours Online Video Learning
  • Live 12 Hour Seminar  (see current schedule on www.posturepractice.com)
  • Market your services with Stand Taller ~ Live Longer power point lecture
  • sample lecture slide
  • sample lecture slide
  • Wall or Door Grid included for posture assessment
  • Posture Pictures included to provide you a "how-to" for posture assessment and screenings.
  • Forms for posture assessment.
  • Flyers for marketing.
  • Flyers for marketing.
  • Window Cling - Use this on your vehicle or office window to promote your expertise!
  • CPEP T-Shirt - proven conversation starter is included as a special bonus!
  • CPEP T-Shirt (back view)
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Product Description

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CPEP Certification

Want to help more people move well?

Join the international network of Certified Posture Exercise Professionals (CPEP). This training program for certification in StrongPosture™ exercise protocols has set the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging.

Take your patient/client practice to the next level with CPEP posture certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that promotes focused motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance, function and activity, positioning you as the local posture expert.

Get all the FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

Doctors of varied backgrounds (DC, MD, DO, DDS, DPM, etc.), physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, nurses, physical education teachers, athletic coaches, yoga and Pilates instructors, Alexander Technique and Feldenkraisinstructors, Rolfers, physician and chiropractic assistants, senior care specialists, and other posture-focused professionals.

Tuition Note:   Extended payment plan options are available. 

CPEP Certification Includes:

· Enrollment in CPEP 3-2-1 (details in brochure)

· Clinical Posture Practice Online – 15hr online course (see course details)

· Live* Posture Practice Seminar -or- Train via online Interactive Video Platform (*see live event schedule)

· Copy of Stand Taller ~ Live Longer (ISBN 0979713609)

· Posture Exercise Rehab Protocol Set (Training Manual & DVD, Patient/Client Handouts CD)

· Wall Grid or Door Grid (your choice)

· Posture Pictures, Posture Assessment, Screenings, Marketing & Forms (ISBN 0979713617)

· Posture Principles Poster Set NEW inclusion! Get the full set of our most popular posters!

· 15 Weeks to a Posture Practice implementation series (web-based video)

· Listing in PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad and online directories. New!

· Complete online exam and proficiency assessment.

(Save over $500 when you register for the complete program – or buy and complete components separately. You’re welcome to join live and online seminars even if you're not ready to pursue certification at this time.)

MARKETING & RETAIL BONUS: Stand Taller ~ Live Longer Community Lecture. This power point lecture is exactly what you need to begin promoting the protocols you'll incorporate into your current practice once you beging the CPEP Certification program.

BRAGGING RIGHTS BONUS: Office/Vehicle Window Decal - It just keeps getting better! We found the CPEP seal inspires questions... so now it's available as a Window Clingand T-Shirt, and included free to help you promote posture!



VISIBILITY BONUS: Register this week and get a FREE: CPEP T-Shirt! - Wear it around town and get ready to answer a lot of questions about posture and motion! Have some business cards in your back pocket!


View Brochure: CPEP BROCHURE

Payment Plan (optional)

· I want to get CPEP Certified at the package price - is there an extended payment option? YES: Contact Us or open LiveChat (bottom right corner of your screen)


More FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

                       More posture certification info.

(NOTE: If you have already completed any component listed, please contact us before registering for discounted pricing.)

Upon registering, you'll get online course login to begin right away, live/interactive class options and teleconference/webinar schedule via email. Posture Practice Kit, Stand Taller ~ Live Longer, Grid, Posture Pictures & Forms, Posture Set and Stand Taller ~ Live Longer Community Lecture will be shipped right now. 

~~Note: Everything in this listing is included with the Complete Posture Practice Package, plus other popular assessment and screening items.

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  1. c.p.e.p. posture certification

    Posted by Johan Dorfling, CPT on 30th Sep 2014

    When your body is balanced, you don't have to compensate or spend extra energy trying to correct your form. My clients have seen unbelievable results in their performance with optimizing postural biomechanics.

  2. Posture and Yoga - and posture certification review

    Posted by Dr. Karen Zamzow on 26th Jun 2014

    I think of yoga and posture exercise as the metaphor of teaching a man to fish. Yoga teaches a man to fish. Posture work helps maintain that ability to fish. The value of the StrongPosture® protocols is that each exercise builds on the one before, yielding an integrated, step-by-step approach.

    Additionally, the progressions and peel backs help fine-tune the exercises to the patient. StrongPosture® is accessible, time-effective, and relevant for everyone.

    Posture is such a huge issue, and nobody is going there. People don't realize the fact that posture affects your breathing, digestion, mental capability and, of course, longevity.

    I am working with staff to teach 7 week posture classes in Sitka, Alaska.

    How can we help people move, feel, and be well? The CPEP program is such a useful tool that's delivered in a well-researched, available way.

    Dr. Weiniger's program is brilliant in its simplicity- he's done all the work for you. It's user-friendly for professionals and can be easily integrated into practice. We are really providing a valuable service to people.

  3. Posture certification reviews

    Posted by Dr. Boyd Williams on 15th Apr 2014

    The StrongPosture® protocols are changing the wellness profession. Dr. Weiniger has put these exercises in a sequential protocol, which is easy to implement and engaging for patients.

    Posture certification has been a simple way to add tools to my tool bag for a low investment of time and money, with great return and the personal gratification of helping so many. It has certainly given me a competitive edge in promoting my services.

    There is so much research in Dr. Weiniger's materials that supports postural strength and balance. Posture impacts physique and also a great many things in your body – breathing, digestion, and cardio function. Patients understand those principles, and the research drives it home.

    My heart's desire is to help seniors improve posture and balance to promote healthy aging. I worked with Dr. Weiniger and CPEP protocols to develop a formal program.

  4. Corrective exercise therapy, pain management, posture niche

    Posted by Tyler Tsujimoto on 28th Jan 2014

    I began looking into posture-based corrective exercises and tools, and I found BodyZone's CPEP
    Certification. When I look at any certification program, I research it very thoroughly. I don't want to invest time and money into something that won't benefit my business or clients. What appealed to me about this program was its basis in scientific research, its techniques, tools, and appeal to a broader client base. Though I am new to the program, I am enjoying it and looking forward to delving more into the Posture Practice system of teaching the exercises.

    Offering this type of exercise therapy could help me to work with pain management, as well as prevention. Also, very few people do corrective work in my area – I want to create a niche that no one else has found.

  5. Simplicity is key

    Posted by Dr. Zsolt Kálbori on 29th Nov 2013

    I wanted to offer exercises that were set up in a structured, professional manner. I feel my patients will be more compliant with these exercises. I expect to see longer-lasting and better results, especially because any exercise regime that is cut down to just a couple minutes a day is very appealing.

    Living in a large city, people complain that they don't have the time, and it has to be easy. The simplicity of these exercises is the key.

  6. gimnastica postural - posture rehab in Italy

    Posted by Dr. Mark Wade on 1st Nov 2013

    Chiropractic is a foreign concept in Italy. Currently, there are only 200-300 chiropractors in the entire nation. A term frequently used along with rehab in Italy is ‘gimnastica postural.’ Italians take pride in their looks, so, naturally posture is a source of interest in the Italian community. Specializing in posture allows us to make the connection for the Italians between posture and chiropractic.

  7. CPEP Posture Certification and the Dancers Niche

    Posted by Dana Michaels O'Keefe on 4th Oct 2013

    Dr. Weiniger's posture certification program has been vital in the development of our new practice. CPEP is a reproducible, specific program that I can incorporate immediately – it filled a huge void coming out of school. The Posture Principles provide a baseline to work off of with every single patient. With every new patient exam, we'll do posture pictures, and we're building a posture rehab exercise room.

    Posture exercise is great for dancers. Dancers are known for their balance, though they notoriously train on one leg more than the other, leading to asymmetry.

    I plan to educate the dance community about the importance of taking care of their bodies.

    CPEP Posture Certification training is all about providing long-term health solutions. Posture exercise is easy to incorporate, and people can see the benefits as you document their posture improvement. It all boils down to this: You train your body, and it will change. That's what we do as dancers; that's what we do every day. Posture is a huge issue, and people don't realize it.

  8. I work with the maturing population - mostly senior to geriatric

    Posted by Dr. Pete Szakacs on 26th Aug 2013

    Across the board, the number one comment I get is that their balance has improved. I get extremely high compliance. I am amazed to see most people, even the ones who are physically challenged, are able to show dramatic improvement.

    This is phenomenal because balance and falls are the biggest issue for the maturing population.

    The CPEP posture certification protocols apply to every practice. Everybody should be incorporating it, regardless of the population they treat – hunchbacks or supermoms or seniors losing their vitality as their posture deteriorates – this will help them maintain the active lifestyles they want. Some will be motivated by “carrots” of posture’s benefits, or scared by the seriousness of consequence. Some are motivated by pain relief and less visits to doctor. No matter the reason, posture is critical to our lives, and that’s why I am a huge proponent of the program.

  9. CPEP Strong Posture Certification Program

    Posted by Michael McMahan on 6th Aug 2013

    Dr. Weiniger offers perspectives that I haven't seen. The merging of information and how it all fits together and intersects drew me in.

    The CPEP program and Dr. Weiniger's teachings confirm to me that posture is all very neurologically based, and the protocol, if we can redirect the attention of the client to focus on the details of their alignment and motion, and to perform the exercise with perfection and increasing strength, creates positive and lasting changes in the posture.

    If you are working with the human body, you must consider better posture as a goal. Pain relief is great, yet it is still a symptom that is speaking to us - are we hearing/understanding the source of the problem? The two factors that make movement of the body possible are mobility and stability. We who have been doing mobility work must understand that it is only half of the picture.

    The StrongPosture protocols are the perfect tool for stabilizing the spine and the core while teaching patterns of motion to train whole body control. Every person doing mobility work probably knows this intuitively, but perhaps has not fully embraced its importance to human movement and wellness.

  10. CPEP program and the new app

    Posted by Dr. Ingrid Cook on 26th Jul 2013

    I continue to be blown away that you guys have literally created an entire niche in an already existing profession. That fundamental fact is probably easy for you to forget -- but relish in it once in a while because it really is HUGE!

    I just finished the required webinars. Good stuff! I also heard the one on the new iphone app and it's really cool! I sent an email thanking all of you for literally creating an entire profession of posture experts!

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