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CPEP Certification

  • CPEP Program 
Certified Posture Exercise Professional
  • Posture Rehab Protocol Set
  • Professional Training Manual
  • Individual Posture Exercise Handouts for patients / clients
  • Training DVD
  • Stand Taller Live Longer (required reading)
  • 15 Hours Online Video Learning
  • Live 12 Hour Seminar  (see current schedule on www.posturepractice.com)
  • Market your services with Stand Taller ~ Live Longer power point lecture
  • sample lecture slide
  • sample lecture slide
  • Wall or Door Grid included for posture assessment
  • Posture Pictures included to provide you a "how-to" for posture assessment and screenings.
  • Forms for posture assessment.
  • Flyers for marketing.
  • Flyers for marketing.
  • Window Cling - Use this on your vehicle or office window to promote your expertise!
  • CPEP T-Shirt - proven conversation starter is included as a special bonus!
  • CPEP T-Shirt (back view)
20.00 LBS
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Product Description

CPEP Certification

Tap into the posture niche!

Join the international network of Certified Posture Exercise Professionals (CPEP). StrongPosture protocols have set the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging.

Get the FREE info packet.


Get excited about practice and take it to the next level by integrating our bio-mechanical model that promotes focused motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture, while improving balance, function and activity... Positioning you as the go-to posture specialist.

What appealed to me about this program was its basis in scientific research, its techniques, tools, and appeal to a broader client base. Offering this type of exercise therapy could help me to work with pain management, as well as prevention. Also, very few people do corrective work in my area – I want to create a niche that no one else has found.”~Tyler Tsujimoto

Get all the FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

CPEP Certification Includes:

· Enrollment in CPEP 3-2-1 (details in brochure)

· Clinical Posture Practice Online – 15hr online course (see course details)

· Live* Posture Practice Seminar -or- Train via online Interactive Video Platform (*see live event schedule)

· Copy of Stand Taller ~ Live Longer (ISBN 0979713609)

· Posture Exercise Rehab Protocol Set (Training Manual & DVD, Patient/Client Handouts CD)

· Wall Grid or Door Grid (your choice)

· Posture Pictures, Posture Assessment, Screenings, Marketing & Forms (ISBN 0979713617)

· Posture Principles Poster Set NEW inclusion! Get the full set of our most popular posters!

· 10 Ways Strong Posture Improves Your Health Poster New! 

· Office Window Decal

· CPEP T-Shirt

· 15 Weeks to a Posture Practice implementation series (web-based video)

· Listing in PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad and online directories. New!

· Stand Taller ~ Live Longer Community Lecture 

(Save over $500 when you register for the complete program)

View Brochure: CPEP BROCHURE

Payment Plan (optional)

· Prefer a payment?  Choose a plan at checkout, or call for a custom plan.  

More Posture Specialist Certification Information

“CPEP posture certification was the ‘missing link.’ It ties in nicely with everything I offer at my practice. Every person that comes into my practice has a complaint about posture. Once they start doing the exercises, they can tell a difference in their problem areas. One young woman recently told me that she was breathing better! This is what I love. The whole CPEP experience has been an ‘ah-ha!’ moment for me; it’s like I am falling into exactly what I was always meant to do.”~Nicole Tatro, MSPT, CPEP 

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

Doctors of varied backgrounds (DC, MD, DO, DDS, DPM, etc.), physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, nurses, physical education teachers, athletic coaches, yoga and Pilates instructors, Alexander Technique and Feldenkraisinstructors, Rolfers, physician and chiropractic assistants, senior care specialists, and other posture-focused professionals.

Upon registering, you'll get online course login to begin right away, live/interactive class options and teleconference/webinar schedule via email. Posture Practice Kit, Stand Taller ~ Live Longer, Grid, Posture Pictures & Forms, Posture Set and Stand Taller ~ Live Longer Community Lecture will be shipped. If enrolling payment plan, program coordinator will call to verify payment and shipment schedule. 

~~Note: Everything in this listing is included with the Complete Posture Practice Package, plus other popular assessment and screening items.

Product Videos

CPEP Posture Certification (02:45)
Completing CPEP Posture Certification is the common-sense next step for those looking to set the standard in strengthening posture for pain relief, rehab, wellness, sports performance and anti-aging. Patients and clients experience improved posture and balance, and greater engagement with StrongPosture™ exercise programs.Take your practice to the next level with CPEP posture certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that promotes focused motion exercise as integral to posture correction while improving balance, function and activity, positioning you as the local posture expert. See http://www.PosturePractice.com and http://www.PostureZone.com for information.
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  1. testimonial 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2015

    I had a patient in yesterday that had a visit to their MD yesterday. She had balance problems when she arrived at the office and was suspected of having had a stroke, although no imaging evidence of a stroke was present.

    She has been doing her posture exercises and her MD was surprised at her improved balance. He asked her what she was doing. She told him going to her chiropractor and doing her posture exercises!!!

  2. Posture certification program and exercises 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th May 2015

    Everyone that has done the program has been happier and loves coming to our office for treatment. They are also happy referring their friends and colleagues to us. It is a great feeling knowing we have something that is helping others and very cost effective.

  3. posture and pregnancy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2015

    I believe in becoming a Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP). I will be better able to aid female patients in their pregnancy journey with confidence.

  4. CPEP posture program with dancers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Apr 2015

    To be a great dancer we must have balance and proper functional motion in addition to strength and flexibility to perform the graceful movements. With StrongPosture you can obtain optimal performance, reduce your risk for injury and maximize function.
    ...the benefits will last a lifetime.

  5. strong posture program 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Mar 2015

    Our patients love the Strong Posture Program in our office and we have it included in 80% of our patient care plans. Thanks for such a solid program.

  6. StrongPosture program 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2015

    Open communication is what makes our practice a great place to be. It is a great place for the StrongPosture® program. Posture is not just valuable – it's indispensable. Balance is indispensable, core strength is indispensable – and the ball work is an adventure.

    My clients are very motivated by improvement. We start with small goals and work toward them, and as these are met, we move forward with bigger challenges. I've been employing the grid – it helps me as I assess the exercises for wall tilts and alignment exercises. You see people gradually inch closer to the wall as a result of their work. It's nice to see the improvement, but also to let them know that they are making progress and that you are paying attention to that progress. It makes a difference in their determination and compliance.

  7. CPEP offers effective education concepts, tools & exercise protocols 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jan 2015

    Mom always told you to sit up straight, but she never told you how. People come to us specifically to improve posture, and I tell them they’ve come to the right place. Every patient learns about the daily and long-term effects of poor posture, and I make sure that they understand that the road to retraining posture is not difficult, but that it does take practice, time, and repetition.

    My patients are compliant with the exercises, which I credits to the [CPEP] program’s built-in specifics, which are detailed in the included posture exercise handouts.

  8. Dramatic patient results and a streamlined program 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2014

    Prior to this program we had employed various integrative rehabs and therapies, but incorporating this established, organized curriculum of protocols was an easy process and our patients have seen dramatic results.

    After several weeks of progressing through the posture protocols, we take another posture picture. They can see the results themselves.

    I think the great thing about teaching posture is it applies to people from all different groups and ages. We’re able to modify and fine-tune the [CPEP] protocols to fit their specific needs.

  9. Posture specialist certification training 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2014

    Today's posture specialists are standing at the forefront of cultural change, especially in the workplace. The baby boomer population is demanding ways to stay young and fend off old age. Having "strong posture" is one of the best ways to do just that.

    It is incumbent upon those in the posture field to engage their communities and be the leaders that are required to usher in this new wave of preventive health habits that for so long, has been ignored.

    I know I can represent my profession proudly with the message of health, vitality and anti-aging through comprehensive posture training.

  10. posture certification program 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Nov 2014

    As a therapy assistant and Jazzercise instructor I am training as a CPEP posture specialist to work with patients/students on balance and posture. Posture increases muscle ability, which helps to avoid strain and injury during a workout.

    Many are worried about getting a dowager's hump. I emphasize that as they age, if they don't strengthen posture, they'll have spinal issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other ailments. They go home and do the exercises, and it shows in their workouts.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 51 | Next

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