CPEP Certification & Posture Practice Pkg

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CPEP Certification & Posture Practice Pkg


  CPEP Certification, plus turnkey Posture Practice package

cpep posture specialist program package

Posture Specialist Certification Training

Set the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging. Elevate your practice with a biomechanical model and focused-motion exercise to strengthen posture while improving balance and function.


“Patients see immediate results; they feel better; it’s easy, and they love to do it.  And, they’re willing to pay for it.”  Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes

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CPEP Certification - $2499 value

CPEP Certification Package INCLUDES:

· Enrollment in CPEP Posture Specialist Certification
· 15 Step Posture Training Program
· Posture, Balance, Rehab & Motor Control Exercise – 15hr online course
· Branding & Basics resource library
· Advanced Exercise video demo library
· Forms and flyers for successful integration
· Posture Rehab Protocol Set (spiral bound manual, videos, handouts on USB)
· Stand Taller Live Longer: Posture & Anti Aging Strategy
· Posture Pictures: Assessment, Screenings, Marketing & Forms
· Certificate on completion
· CPEP t-shirt and window cling
· Exclusive Access to Instructor & Master Trainer support with questions and practice customizations


+ Turnkey addition - Posture Assessment Tools - $387 value 

· PostureZone Portable Travel Grid 
· 5 Posture Principles Posture Set
· ACE Posture Posters

+ Turnkey addition - Posture Screening & Events - $576 value 

· Sitting is the New Smoking Corporate Lecture (PowerPoint)
· Stand Taller Live Longer Community Lecture (PowerPoint)
· 5 Retail copies of Stand Taller Live Longer 
· Posture Analysis Banner 
· Posture Assessment Free Standing Event Display 

+ Turnkey addition - Posture Marketing - $230 value

· Posture Practice Marketing Instructional Video (video-based online)
· Social Media Share Images
· 5 Posture Principles flyers (12 sets) 

+ Turnkey addition - Implementation Coaching  - $700 value

· Individual implementation calls to for practice integration
· Local press releases

Find out more about: Posture Specialist Certification

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CPEP Certification, plus turnkey Posture Practice - package saves $1200 

“I feel my CPEP training is ideal for the corporate setting. You have to get people moving, and show them the importance of good posture and alignment for everyday living.” Joan Wipperfurth, CPT, CPEP

Certification with Posture Practice Pkg VS Certification Only?

This turnkey package includes everything in CPEP Certification, PLUS materials additional tools for marketing and conducting corporate talks and health screenings.

After you register you'll have immediate online access, and tools are shipped. If enrolled in a payment plan items are stagger shipped, program coordinator will verify details. 

*Sales and discounts apply to the program total price. When choosing a payment plan, final payment(s) will be reduced to reflect discount. Please review shipping and returns policy prior to purchase.

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  • 5
    c.p.e.p. posture certification

    Posted by Johan Dorfling, CPT on 30th Sep 2014

    When your body is balanced, you don't have to compensate or spend extra energy trying to correct your form. My clients have seen unbelievable results in their performance with optimizing postural biomechanics.

  • 5
    Posture and Yoga - and posture certification review

    Posted by Dr. Karen Zamzow on 26th Jun 2014

    I think of yoga and posture exercise as the metaphor of teaching a man to fish. Yoga teaches a man to fish. Posture work helps maintain that ability to fish. The value of the StrongPosture® protocols is that each exercise builds on the one before, yielding an integrated, step-by-step approach.

    Additionally, the progressions and peel backs help fine-tune the exercises to the patient. StrongPosture® is accessible, time-effective, and relevant for everyone.

    Posture is such a huge issue, and nobody is going there. People don't realize the fact that posture affects your breathing, digestion, mental capability and, of course, longevity.

    I am working with staff to teach 7 week posture classes in Sitka, Alaska.

    How can we help people move, feel, and be well? The CPEP program is such a useful tool that's delivered in a well-researched, available way.

    Dr. Weiniger's program is brilliant in its simplicity- he's done all the work for you. It's user-friendly for professionals and can be easily integrated into practice. We are really providing a valuable service to people.

  • 5
    Posture certification reviews

    Posted by Dr. Boyd Williams on 15th Apr 2014

    The StrongPosture® protocols are changing the wellness profession. Dr. Weiniger has put these exercises in a sequential protocol, which is easy to implement and engaging for patients.

    Posture certification has been a simple way to add tools to my tool bag for a low investment of time and money, with great return and the personal gratification of helping so many. It has certainly given me a competitive edge in promoting my services.

    here is so much research in Dr. Weiniger's materials that supports postural strength and balance. Posture impacts physique and also a great many things in your body – breathing, digestion, and cardio function. Patients understand those principles, and the research drives it home.

    My heart's desire is to help seniors improve posture and balance to promote healthy aging. I worked with Dr. Weiniger and CPEP protocols to develop a formal program.

  • 5
    Corrective exercise therapy, pain management, posture niche

    Posted by Tyler Tsujimoto on 28th Jan 2014

    I began looking into posture-based corrective exercises and tools, and I found BodyZone's CPEP
    Certification. When I look at any certification program, I research it very thoroughly. I don't want to invest time and money into something that won't benefit my business or clients. What appealed to me about this program was its basis in scientific research, its techniques, tools, and appeal to a broader client base. Though I am new to the program, I am enjoying it and looking forward to delving more into the Posture Practice system of teaching the exercises.

    Offering this type of exercise therapy could help me to work with pain management, as well as prevention. Also, very few people do corrective work in my area – I want to create a niche that no one else has found.

  • 5
    Simplicity is key

    Posted by Dr. Zsolt Kálbori on 29th Nov 2013

    I wanted to offer exercises that were set up in a structured, professional manner. I feel my patients will be more compliant with these exercises. I expect to see longer-lasting and better results, especially because any exercise regime that is cut down to just a couple minutes a day is very appealing.

    Living in a large city, people complain that they don't have the time, and it has to be easy. The simplicity of these exercises is the key.

  • 5
    CPEP Posture Certification in a Corporate Setting

    Posted by Joan Wipperfurth, CPT, CPEP on 26th Jul 2013

    I feel that my CPEP training is ideal for the corporate setting. You have to get people moving, and show them the importance of good posture and alignment for everyday living. I love that my job helps people to feel and function better. I don't see the need for proper bio-mechanics changing anytime soon, as our society continues to round forward with excessive computer technology.

    Medtronic is very wellness-oriented. Their employee wellness initiatives include healthy, fresh cafeteria fare, sponsored 5K and marathon events, and free fitness classes and health coaching. Out of 3500 employees in my building alone, 1750 are currently enrolled in the fitness program.

    Joan Wipperfurth, CPT, CPEP
    Program Manager for Medtronic Wellness Centers in the Minneapolis area.

  • 5
    CPEP posture certification and the new app

    Posted by Dr. Ingrid Cook on 26th Jul 2013

    I continue to be blown away that you guys have literally created an entire niche in an already existing profession. That fundamental fact is probably easy for you to forget -- but relish in it once in a while because it really is HUGE!

    I just finished the required webinars. Good stuff! I also heard the one on the new iphone app and it's really cool! I sent an email thanking all of you for literally creating an entire profession of posture experts!

  • 5
    The whole CPEP experience has been an ah-ha! moment!

    Posted by Nicole Tatro, MSPT, CPEP on 20th May 2013

    Upon researching posture certification programs, I found the BodyZone CPEP posture certification program.

    I use a gentle, holistic manual release technique to treat patients, which works seamlessly with StrongPosture principles. My whole brand focuses on postural assessment, which helps to determine a patients' wellness path. I take into account the patients’ entire history, including major trauma, emotional challenges, and current pain issues, and then treat with a combination of soft tissue work and StrongPosture exercises to align their bodies and keep them where they need to be to prevent further pain and injury.

    The CPEP posture certification program was the 'missing link.' It ties in nicely with everything I offer at my practice.

    The body has a unique way of healing itself if we just listen. That's what I love about the CPEP certification exercises: I am giving my patients one to two things to leave with, which means they are more apt to follow through with exercises and to retain and apply the knowledge I am providing.

    Every person that comes into my practice has a complaint about posture. Once they start doing the exercises, they can tell a difference in their problem areas. One young woman recently told me that she was breathing better!

    Overall, my patients are in less pain, they're sleeping better, feeling well, and taking the initiative to change their lifestyles.
    I currently work with patients largely on a one-on-one basis. However, I plan to provide CPEP StrongPosture Exercise classes for different demographics in my community, including a children's posture bootcamp, and corporate wellness workshops.

    This is what I love. The whole CPEP experience has been an 'ah-ha!' moment for me; it's like I am falling into exactly what I was always meant to do.

  • 5
    Countless successful patient experiences

    Posted by Shane Chaisson, DC on 24th Mar 2013

    I would recommend the BodyZone CPEP training to any professional serious about obtaining the absolute best results for their patients. This posture certification program offers plenty of "hands on" training that helped me feel comfortable presenting these techniques to my patients.

    BodyZone posture exercise has helped our clinic to achieve lasting results with our patients that we could not achieve with chiropractic spinal manipulation alone. There has been a "buzz" in our clinic since adding this posture program, and we find that patients look forward to their rehab sessions in our clinic.

    The successful patient experiences are countless. We teach patients how to isolate, mobilize, and strengthen the core musculature through bodyzone exercises and they feel better as their posture improves.

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