CPEP Certification & Posture Practice Pkg

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CPEP Certification & Posture Practice Pkg

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  CPEP Certification, plus turnkey Posture Practice package

cpep posture specialist program package

Posture Specialist Certification Training

Set the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging. Elevate your practice with a biomechanical model and focused-motion exercise to strengthen posture while improving balance and function.


“Patients see immediate results; they feel better; it’s easy, and they love to do it.  And, they’re willing to pay for it.”  Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes

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CPEP Certification - $2499 value

CPEP Certification Package INCLUDES:

· Enrollment in CPEP Posture Specialist Certification
· 15 Step Posture Training Program
· Posture, Balance, Rehab & Motor Control Exercise – 15hr online course
· Branding & Basics resource library
· Advanced Exercise video demo library
· Forms and flyers for successful integration
· Posture Rehab Protocol Set (manual & DVD, handouts)
· Stand Taller Live Longer: Posture & Anti Aging Strategy
· Posture Pictures: Assessment, Screenings, Marketing & Forms
· Certificate on completion
· CPEP t-shirt and window cling
· Exclusive Access to Instructor & Master Trainer support with questions and practice customizations


+ Turnkey addition - Posture Assessment Tools - $842 value 

· PostureZone Assessment Software (Win 7 and earlier) 
· PostureZone Portable Travel Grid 
· 5 Posture Principles Posture Set
· 10 Ways StrongPosture Improves Your Health

+ Turnkey addition - Posture Screening & Events - $576 value 

· Sitting is the New Smoking Corporate Lecture (PowerPoint)
· Stand Taller Live Longer Community Lecture (PowerPoint)
· 5 Retail copies of Stand Taller Live Longer 
· Posture Analysis Banner 
· Posture Assessment Free Standing Event Display 

+ Turnkey addition - Posture Marketing - $230 value

· Posture Practice Marketing Instructional Video (video-based online)
· Social Media Share Images
· 5 Posture Principles flyers (12 sets set of 5) 

+ Turnkey addition - Implementation Coaching  - $700 value

· Individual implementation calls to for practice integration
· Local press releases

Find out more about: Posture Specialist Certification

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CPEP Certification, plus turnkey Posture Practice - package saves $1650 

“I feel my CPEP training is ideal for the corporate setting. You have to get people moving, and show them the importance of good posture and alignment for everyday living.” Joan Wipperfurth, CPT, CPEP

Certification with Posture Practice Pkg VS Certification Only?

This turnkey package includes everything in CPEP Certification, PLUS materials additional tools for marketing and conducting corporate talks and health screenings.

After you register you'll have immediate online access, and tools are shipped. If enrolled in a payment plan items are stagger shipped, program coordinator will verify details. 

*Sales and discounts apply to the program total price. When choosing a payment plan, final payment(s) will be reduced to reflect discount. Please review shipping and returns policy prior to purchase.

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  • 5
    International Posture Certification Professional

    Posted by Reham Mosselhy, Physiotherapist on 13th Mar 2013

    I wanted to hold a dual certification to enhance my professional development and was searching for a professional certificate with a focus on posture, as most of my patients have postural scoliosis, and I was drawn to the online seminars and StrongPosture protocols offered by the CPEP program.

    It has been a great experience for me. I can complete the program with ease through online training, and the BodyZone team is so helpful. I enjoy learning the posture protocol through the exercises and the follow up sheets - I really find it so organized.

    Reham Mosselhy, Physiotherapist
    Al-Nibras Ideal School in Salmiya, Kuwait
    (specializes in pediatric care for children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and down syndrome)

  • 5
    CPEP gave our rehab program a foundation for consistency

    Posted by Dr. Brad Grizzaffi on 8th Mar 2013

    We’ve never been a 'pain practice.' Ours is a subluxation, holistic-focused practice and we believe strongly in patient education. My goal is to empower every patient to control their own health.

    We begin by addressing all facets of health: attitude, nutrition, proper rest, posture, exercise and chiropractic.

    We strive to provide a level of service that separates us from other offices. We know by staying on the cutting edge, we can provide the most optimal form of health care possible. Over the years we have provided treatment through the use of Spinal manipulation, Traction, Physiotherapy modalities, Soft tissue massage therapy, Nutrition Counseling, VAXD therapy and Spinal Rehabilitation Programs.

    We found the most inconsistency with setting up the Rehab Program. In many cases, we found that there was a lack of both interest and accountability from our patients.

    This is why the CPEP certification program was right for us. It provided a foundation that is easy for our patients to understand and enjoyable for them to do!

    All of my team is involved with the posture exercises. The CPEP program fits right in with our practice. The information and packages provided in the Strong Posture program make it easy to use.

    The CPEP program and PostureZone.com provided the tools to tie together all these things we have been working toward – it has created a foundation to work with patient goals and helps us to be consistent.

    Our four docs and athletic trainer work together as a team. We also have another team member working toward earning CPEP Certification.

    The missing part of most chiro offices is posture exercise. Patients want to be active. Brand new patients often ask, 'What exercises can I do?' The challenge is having a program laid out to establish consistency and proper accountability. Now that we've committed 100% to becoming a Posture Practice, people are really excited about doing the exercises. They see benefit to improving the framework of their body and are benefiting daily from the results of the posture program.

    The CPEP protocols have helped us to develop a system to move patients from passive phases of pain management treatment to active phases of healthcare. Patients see that even after they are feeling better, it is essential to maintain proper posture, alignment, balance and motion.

  • 5
    Posture Certification

    Posted by Conor O'Sullivan on 11th Feb 2013

    Really, really good. I enrolled in the international version of the CPEP posture certification program and am thoroughly impressed with content, methods, and applicability.

  • 5
    Appreciate the step by step approach.

    Posted by Michael Miller on 11th Dec 2012

    The postural rehabilitation certification protocols provides a systematic step-by-step approach to postural evaluation and care.

    The posture training program has opened my eyes to the complex interaction between adaptive postures and motion. The training concepts have given me more productive tools in explaining the imprortance of posture, balance, and motion to my clients.

  • 5
    Posture Training, Balance and Fall Prevention

    Posted by Beng Hwee Ong on 11th Dec 2012

    I have been personally involved in conducting falls prevention training for the elderly, and I firmly see the importance of having good posture. The CPEP program teaches essential exercises related to Balance, Alignment and Motion and they form the building blocks for my seniors to move well and age well. Never knew posture exercises could have such profound effects.

    The training program has been well-justified by relevant research studies.

    Integrating posture exercises as corrective movements has allowed me to add additional goals on top of fitness or health goals that my clients already had in mind. This has led me to be able to add further value to my business practice.

    Beng Hwee Ong, (Singapore, SG)

  • 5
    Patients are very responsive to posture exercise

    Posted by Randall Smith on 26th Nov 2012

    Patients rapidly respond, it is very organic in nature.They feel the improvement. Due to the personal examination (and assessment), the customization of protocols works very well, and are updated regularly with exam.

    A male patient 48 yr of age diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis MS at age 34 began a treatment plan including the CPEP posture program with exercise ball (always with supervision). He was able to start walking (out of the wheelchair). He is now walking eyes closed 200yd very straight with minimal supervision (for safety reasons only.) He is now starting to ride a motorcycle with a sidecar in town. Changing Lives with Posture.

  • 5
    Wellness Revolution and Posture

    Posted by Raina Trevenna, OT, CHT, CWCE, CPEP on 7th Nov 2012

    The CPEP program is built on a strong foundation in structural integration, and every piece is a building block that complements each of the others. There are immense benefits to good posture and so many different arenas in which I have found posture exercises useful. No matter what medical field you are in, tapping into the benefits of posture education can really enrich the services you’re providing.

    Everybody gets something out of it. Whether you have had an injury or no injury, whether you have an active lifestyle or prefer watching t.v., whether you work on a computer all day or are on your feet …there is something for everyone. My patients and clients who have received posture training have never given negative feedback. It makes me feel that I’ve really made a positive impact.

    People are thirsty for knowledge, and medical professionals are the gatekeepers. I believe the challenges in the healthcare industry today are putting new demands on healthcare providers and providing positive motivation to share knowledge so that people understand how to take better care of themselves.

    (read highlight article with Raina on PosturePractice.com)

  • 5
    CPEP posture certification program

    Posted by Rebecca Gould on 6th Sep 2012

    Our practice consistently promotes and incorporates posture exercise into patients’ wellness plans. Every month, 70-90 new patients begin the posture exercise program, there are 250–350 posture exercise appointments a month.

    We expect that number to grow we they continue to raise posture awareness through evaluation of posture pictures and teaching posture exercise.

    We have developed quite a following in our community.

  • 5
    Strong Posture Exercises

    Posted by J. Melsha on 24th May 2012

    I have been using Strong Posture exercises for over a year with great results! Patients are excited to see the changes, and compliance has increased! I get more referrals.
    The seminar goes over assessment and all the exercises in great detail with time to workshop your instructions so you are rehearsed and ready to begin.

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