CPEP Posture Certification

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CPEP Posture Certification

Be the go-to Posture Specialist! 


Set the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging. Elevate your practice with a biomechanical model and focused-motion exercise to strengthen posture while improving balance and function. The only program backed by real practitioner reviews (never actors or paid endorsers), national media coverage, and years of successful results.

 “Patients see immediate results; they feel better; it’s easy, and they love to do it.  And, they’re willing to pay for it.”  Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes, DC, CPEP®

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions.

CPEP Certification Package INCLUDES: ($3099 value)

· Enrollment in CPEP Posture Specialist Certification
· 15 Step Posture Training Program
· Posture, Balance, Rehab & Motor Control Exercise – 15hr online course
· Branding & Basics resource library
· Advanced Exercise video demo library
· Forms and flyers for successful integration
· Posture Rehab Protocol Set (manual & DVD, handouts)
· Stand Taller Live Longer: Posture & Anti Aging Strategy
· Posture Pictures: Assessment, Screenings, Marketing & Forms
· Certificate on completion
· CPEP t-shirt and window cling
· Exclusive Access to Instructor & Master Trainer support with questions and practice customizations

Plus, Implementation Coaching

· Implementation support to integrate changes
· Training support by email or phone

*BONUS - PostureZone Wall Grid  ($149 Value) 


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“Every month, 70-90 new patients begin the posture exercise program, with 250–350 posture exercise appointments a month, and we expect that number to grow.  We have developed quite a following in our community.” Rebecca Gould, CPEP

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  • 5
    75-80% of my patients engage in these posture exercise protocols

    Posted by Dr. Christian Cho, DC on 6th Aug 2012

    The CPEP certification has really helped me to gain knowledge and broaden the way I look at patients now, how I treat and how I speak to them – it has really given me the confidence to say this is more than just what I’m going to do for you, you need to do all these other things to improve your posture and movement.

    When they begin the exercises, they’re super weak. All of a sudden, after a couple weeks combined with treatment, they’re able to do a full set of the posture exercises and feel great. Their mood changes, their pain is less, their function is better – they’re just so much happier.

    The amount of time we sit in front of computers and play video games is staggering. More and more people are going to have issues with ‘hunched back’ posture. It is the epidemic of the next generation. Get as much knowledge and understanding of posture and how it relates to the kinetic chain of movement, and really be able to treat all of those things.

  • 5
    CPEP Review

    Posted by Katie Claverly, CPT on 15th May 2012

    We received feedback from a Certified Personal Trainer, Katie Claverly, who has incorporated her CPEP training into her work. Claverly reports that her clients have enjoyed many benefits from posture strengthening exercise.

    “It has been wonderful,” Claverly says. “ I have clients who can breathe better, […]who have greater range of motion in their neck, shoulders, and upper back. There’s a buzz, there’s an energy about the exercises.”

    From a professional standpoint, she shares her experience, stating, “I have been a personal trainer for 10 years; I have danced for 25; I weight lift; I practice yoga. I have never found a program like this that puts posture in the proper order. I have found that with myself, I can balance better, and I have a better sense of where my center of mass is. It’s different than everything else, and it has been great.”

    (**Originally appeared in interview posted: http://posturepractice.com/index.php/seminars/blog/item/calgary-april-2012 )

  • 5
    New CPEP student

    Posted by Lindsey J. on 9th May 2012

    Good morning,
    I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how excited and thankful I am for your program. I have always had a major interest in biomechanics, and I've always felt that I can do great good for the community in this avenue.

    I've only just started your program, but I have gathered much of the equipment and educational tools, and I'm so excited to read (and surf the online courses) all weekend.

    So with a sincere thank you for introducing the concepts at the seminar in FL, I say have a great weekend!

  • 5
    I recommend it to others!

    Posted by Anita Kelley-Dukes, D.C. on 24th Feb 2012

    I have attended 2011 and 2012 Panhandle Convention classes presented by Dr. Weiniger and BodyZone. I was able to take the information from his classes, go into my office on Monday and immediately make significant life and health changes with every single patient.

    The program was easy to implement and after 30 years of practice I finally found an "exercise program" that the patients saw immediate results and are compliant with...and are willing to pay for.

    I have attended the complete certification program and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

  • 5
    Posture Certification and Training

    Posted by Marge Wilcox, CPEP on 30th Nov 2011

    StrongPosture exercise will change our practice in such a positive way because it has the potential to change our patients' lives. The StrongPosture principles will help them live longer and stronger!

    Marge Wilcox, CPEP

  • 5
    Posture Certification and Improved Skills

    Posted by Raina Trevenna, CPEP, OT, CHT on 30th Nov 2011

    As a dedicated outpatient Occupational Therapist for the past fourteen years, I have truly seen the benefits of posture exercise. Specializing in upper body and burn injuries at a level one trauma center, I have gained a thorough understanding of the body as an integrated whole and believe in a holistic approach. Incorporating postural and body balancing exercises into my patient's treatments has really made such a positive difference.

    Training with BodyZone provided an advanced understanding the key concepts of strong posture (motion, balance, patterns, compensation and adaptation), and helped me become a better therapist. CPEP training taught me excellent techniques to isolate target areas and cue patients to avoid compensations.

    Not only have my coaching skills improved, but my ability to educate my patients to better understand their body, their injury and how to get the most out of their home exercises have improved. I believe in empowering those I work with to become active participants in their wellness, and Dr. Weiniger's programs teach this as a priority.

    BodyZone's educational presentations and patient handouts have been an excellent resource to reach this goal. Many of my patients have been impressed and comment that the information was so helpful for their recovery.

    I have realized the endless benefits of strong posture for people in their daily lives, not just to treat problems but avoid them all together. I have started a wellness education company to make this knowledge readily available to everyone. Posture training will be the cornerstone of the services we provide and will ensure my clients achieve lifelong benefits. A balanced body leads to a balanced life and BodyZone has trained me to be an expert!

    Raina Trevenna, CPEP, OT, CHT

  • 5
    Posture Certification

    Posted by Dr. Ian Horseman on 10th Oct 2011

    We have now implemented the posture protocols into the office with awesome results.

    It is a wonderful addition to our clinic. The patients are excited and empowered and I thank you.

  • 5
    CPEP Posture Certification

    Posted by Dr. Austin Hsu on 8th Jun 2011

    Dr. Weiginer is a wonderful instructor who not only is highly knowledgeable but passionate about his craft.

    The CPEP program has helped me incorporate a concise, effective and turnkey posture program in my clinic. Not only has it helped my patients immensely in improving strong posture but also gives the the education of how and why, which dramatically increases patient compliance.

    I recommend this program to any physician who wishes to incorporate a highly effective posture focused wellness program into their practice.

    The postural aids: portable posture grid (a
    tremendous draw at our last spinal screening}, posture analysis software, posture package, are also very helpful in educating the patients on the importance of strong posture.

    I have been extremely happy with the CPEP
    program and its continued support of Dr. Weiniger and Bodyzone.com even after a
    year after completion.

    Warmest Regards, Austin Hsu, D.C.

  • 5
    Aging Population Exercise Certification

    Posted by Gene Lewis on 5th Jun 2011

    I can impact an aging population more effectively. Great seminar very useful. Practice concept resonates perfectly.

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