Posture Exercise Rehab Protocol

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Posture Exercise Rehab Protocol


  • Free copy of Stand Taller Live Longer!
  • Free flyer display set of the 5 Posture Principles!
  • Free StrongPosture Flyers Download!

"Functional results people see and feel."

Get the complete, systematized, step-by-step StrongPosture® Rehab Program used by thousands of your colleagues worldwide. 

Building engagement is a big key in connecting with patients, getting referrals, and building a thriving practice.

•    20+ patient visit exercise program
•    Patient education tips and demos for increased referrals, retention and compliance.
•    Implement step-by-step rehab program into your practice.

“Our patients love the Strong Posture Program in our office and we have it included in 80% of our patient care plans. Thanks for such a solid program.”~Dr. Robert Thoma

Get this program:

  • Improve results and retention
  • Increase patient participation
  • Stimulate referrals
  • Pain-relief to wellness
  • Teens to Boomers to Geriatrics


  • StrongPosture® Rehab Exercise Wall Protocol - How-to (USB Flash Drive)
  • Posture Exercise Patient Handouts - (USB Flash Drive)
  • Professional Training Manual - spiral bound, 80+ pages 
  • Bonus: Stand Taller Live Longer: Posture & Anti-Aging Strategy
  • Bonus: Flyer Display set of the 5 Posture Principles


Ready to offer rehab? This short duration, assessment plus motor control exercise program has it all! The training manual gives detail, method, and how-to teach patient/client, addressing adaptations, modifying exercises for all goals, body types, ages and abilities.

Exercise handouts give patients take-home info to practice what they've learned. Mark your expectation of repetitions, and "recheck date" to ensure compliance.

Bonus: a copy of Stand Taller Live Longer. Packed with patient education, posture assessment, posture anatomy and the posture principles. 

“We have implemented the posture protocols into the office with awesome results. It is a wonderful addition to our clinic. The patients are excited and empowered and I thank you.”~Dr. Horseman


Due to the reproducible nature of electronic and printed media, this item may not be returned or refunded for any reason. 

*Note: This item is included with CPEP Posture Specialist Certification

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  • 5
    strong posture program

    Posted by Dr. Robert Thoma on 26th Mar 2015

    Our patients love the Strong Posture Program in our office and we have it included in 80% of our patient care plans. Thanks for such a solid program.

    (Dr. Robert Thoma is in the Certified Posture Exercise Professional - posture specialist certification program)

  • 5
    Strong Posture Exercise

    Posted by Gina Carpenter on 6th Mar 2015

    Open communication is what makes our practice a great place to be. It is a great place for the StrongPosture® program. Posture is not just valuable – it's indispensable. Balance is indispensable, core strength is indispensable – and the ball work is an adventure.

    My clients are very motivated by improvement. We start with small goals and work toward them, and as these are met, we move forward with bigger challenges.

    I've been employing the grid – it helps me as I assess the exercises for wall tilts and alignment exercises (Strong Posture protocols). You see people gradually inch closer to the wall as a result of their work. It's nice to see the improvement, but also to let them know that they are making progress and that you are paying attention to that progress. It makes a difference in their determination and compliance.

  • 5
    Patient Exercise Handouts

    Posted by Raina Trevenna, CPEP, OT, CHT on 30th Nov 2011

    I believe in empowering those I work with to become active participants in their wellness, and Dr. Weiniger's programs teach this as a priority.

    BodyZone's educational presentations and patient handouts have been an excellent resource to reach this goal. Many of my patients have been impressed and comment that the information was so helpful for their recovery.

    I have realized the endless benefits of strong posture for people in their daily lives, not just to treat problems but avoid them all together. I have started a wellness education company to make this knowledge readily available to everyone. Posture training will be the cornerstone of the services we provide and will ensure my clients achieve lifelong benefits. A balanced body leads to a balanced life and BodyZone has trained me to be an expert!

    Raina Trevenna, CPEP, OT, CHT

  • 5
    posture strengthening

    Posted by Dr. Ian Horseman on 10th Oct 2011

    We have now implemented the posture protocols into the office with awesome results. It is a wonderful addition to our clinic. The patients are excited and empowered and I thank you.

    The power points, posture screening tool and your posture book is well organized and are great tools to build a practice.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Dr. Ian Horseman

  • 5
    Posture Correction Program

    Posted by Dr. Austin Hsu on 8th Jun 2011

    Dr. Weiginer is a wonderful instructor who not only is highly knowledgeable but passionate about his craft.

    The CPEP program has helped me incorporate a concise, effective and turnkey posture program in my clinic. Not only has it helped my patients immensely in improving strong posture but also gives the the education of how and why, which dramatically increases patient compliance.

    I recommend this program to any physician who wishes to incorporate a highly effective posture focused wellness program into their practice.

    The postural aids: portable posture grid (a
    tremendous draw at our last spinal screening}, posture analysis software, posture package, are also very helpful in educating the patients on the importance of strong posture.

    I have been extremely happy with the CPEP
    program and its continued support of Dr. Weiniger and even after a
    year after completion.

    Warmest Regards, Austin Hsu, D.C.
    (Posture Exercie Rehab Protocol Set are the protocols integrated in the CPEP program)

  • 5
    Stand Taller Live Longer

    Posted by Dr. Tom Hyde, DACBSP on 4th Jun 2011

    I think every chiropractor should use and offer Stand Taller ~ Live Longer in their offices to their patients.  This book contains extremely valuable information that every patient should read, followed by practicing the exercises listed. Also, attending a class by Dr. Weiniger is a must.

    Dr. Tom Hyde, DACBSP
    Past President, ACA Sports Council

  • 5
    Stand Taller ~ Live Longer

    Posted by Dr. Richard E Vincent on 4th Jun 2011

    Stand Taller ~ Live Longer is a great book for professionals seeking an educational tool. The book can be given to patients to read, or with a prescription to review pages targeting exercises and concepts relevant to their specific problem.   

    In addition, Dr. Weiniger's book can not only help educate your patients, but is also a tool to recruit your patient's families and friends into a lifestyle of active care, posture awareness and wellness. 

  • 5
    Exercise manual and handouts

    Posted by Liz Connor on 28th Mar 2011

    I got the posture rehab set at a seminar and it does not sit on a shelf!. New staff are trained with the manual & dvd. Everyone we work with gets a handout when we teach an exercise. You tend to give a lot of information in a few minutes of explaining the exercise, I like that the sheets remind the patient of the instructions and goal. I really like the new version of handouts because we can put our contact info on them - and like the new color layout. Good upgrade. I recommend the seminars too.

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