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Chiropractic Poster

Chiropractic with Patient “Try This” Demo

The Chiropractic Poster explains chiropractic and adjustments in biomechanical terms patients understand.  It goes on to explain the importance of Chiropractic as a healthy life  habit to keep you moving well as you age.

It answers the question:  
"Why do I feel lighter after an adjustment?” with a "Try This" demo to further explain the concept.

Detailed Description:

On the left of the poster there is a Q & A: Why do I feel lighter after an adjustment?  The answer explains our perception of good posture compared to reality, then goes on to explain the importance of chiropractic to align the spine and other joints for stronger posture and symmetry while reducing uneven mechanical stress, etc. It follows with a Try This demo using a golf club to demonstrate uneven or weak posture.  

On the right the poster the title reads: Chiropractors are mechanics for your body.  The text to follow discusses DC training to assess alignment and motion of the spine, body and posture. It goes on to discuss adaptations, misalignments and how this eventually leads to mechanical stress, pain, loss of function, nerve irritation, etc. And then talks about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

The second title reads: How does strong posture and chiropractic help you age well?  The text to follow explains how chiropractic restores normal motion and balance, full-range motion, body and motion symmetry, etc.

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Poster is full color, 18" x 24" and ready to be framed.

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