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Continuing Education License Renewal ONLINE CE

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Video based online course is accessible 24 hrs. Register for as few as 3 hrs, or take the whole course (15 hrs).

Course Description:

Watch engaging lecture videos, animations and detailed focused motion exercise videos demonstrating use of balls, bands, foam pads and other low-tech tools to teach clinicians to progress patients from acute care (passive therapy + posture awareness) through rehab care (less passive therapy + increasing active rehab care exercises to train posture control) and onto wellness (daily posture exercises combined with passive therapy as appropriate to maximize the bio-mechanic benefits of other exercise and ADLs).

The Goal: Helping people move well, avoid micro- and macro-trauma injury, optimize performance and promote healthy choices to optimize bio-mechanic wellness.

Posture and Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise

Module I (3 CE)

  • Motion and Balance- The First 2 Posture Principles
  • Functional Posture Rehab Exercise, Awareness and Training
  • Patient management and common clinical presentations

Module II (3 CE)

  • Retraining PostureZone Balance, Alignment and Motion
  • Posture, Pain and the Four PostureZone Bio-mechanics
  • BAM integration & quality of motion...and pain, Posture Assessment Basics

Module III (3 CE)

  • From Functional Compensation to Structural Adaptation
  • From Gait to Posture
  • Strengthening Stabilization & facilitating weak links in the 

    kinetic chain

Module IV (3 CE)

  • Balance and Retraining Core Integration, from low back pain to Fall Protection and successful aging
  • Clinical Posture Assessment and Rehab in modern society
  • Aging & Social Demographics: Impact of Contracting, Connecting & Control Adaptation

Module V (3 CE)

  • StrongPosture® LifeHabits, A Strategy for Rehab, Performance, & Active Aging
  • Strengthening Motion: StrongPosture Ball flow
  • Promoting Postural Health

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The new Posture & Balance course integrates clinical strategies for passive therapies with active strategies to functionally strengthen posture. Systematic protocols for building personal awareness are integrated with exercises to strengthen standing Balance, static Alignment and dynamic Motion. Three eponymous tracks of tightly defined exercises systematically progress the person to more accurately connect their body perception and motion to objective reality.

Patient-friendly concepts of postural bio-mechanics use 5 common-sense posture principles, and are presented along with each exercise for congruent patient education towards understanding and adopting intelligent postural habits.


Need license renewal continuing education? Get the same great posture training in an online, video-based course! Learn the popular StrongPosture™ exercise protocols for rehab, performance, wellness and active aging.


Taught by posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, each course features a series of videos designed to prepare you to incorporate concepts right now... in practice with patients, clients, and yourself!

     "I completed the posture training ceus and loved the information. Thank you" Scott A. Dubrul D.C.

Continuing education credit hours are approved for license renewal in most states, and many professions (DC, PT, NCBTMB, MT, CA, etc). Courses are available 24 hours. Take as much time as you'd like to complete, log in and begin where you left off - or back up to review the material.

"The entire country is suffering from an epidemic of posture issues. Ipad, Iphone, texting, computers etc.. Why not learn to be the expert in correcting this? Orthodontists of the spine.. This CE modules has filled the holes in my practice. I highly recommend it."~Dr. Jeff Roistacher

  • CE Approvals (DC, PT, NCBTMB, MT, AT, CPEP, DACRB, CPT)
  • CE Sponsor: University of Western States (CCE / PACE), BodyZone.com
  • Approved NCBTMB CE Provider
  • Dual credit towards CPEP posture certification


    "Scientific validation / research regarding rehabilitation and chiropractic. Thanks!" Torri Fair, DC


Read with course: Stand Taller Live Longer and Posture Pictures, Assessment, Screening, Marketing & Forms.

Read more reviews: Best Continuing Education

Did you know? All 15 Hrs approved for dual credit: CPEP Posture Expert Certification

Product Videos

Posture Practice Seminar - Posture Certification 03:00

Current Schedule: http://www.posturepractice.comContinuing education seminars and posture certification for DCs, chiropractors, MDs, massage therapists, NCBTMB, physical therapists, occupational therapists, personal and athletic trainers, instructors, staff, etc.Also an online continuing education course - take from 3 to 15 hours online! Online & Live course hours also apply to CPEP Certification!The posture grid and tools in the video are courtesy of http://www.posturezone.comThe instructor is Dr. Steven Weiniger, posture expert and author of Stand Taller ~ Live Longer (Speaker website: http://www.standtallerlivelonger.com)Completing CPEP Posture Certification is the common-sense next step for those looking to set the standard in strengthening posture for pain relief, rehab, wellness, sports performance and anti-aging. Patients and clients experience improved posture and balance, and greater engagement with StrongPosture™ exercise programs.Take your practice to the next level with CPEP posture certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that promotes focused motion exercise as integral to posture correction while improving balance, function and activity, positioning you as the local posture expert. See http://www.PosturePractice.com and http://www.PostureZone.com for information.

  • Posture Practi...
    Current Schedule: http://www.posturepractice.comContinuing edu...
  • Clinical Postu...
    Learn the concepts of balance, alignment and motion in this co...

Product Reviews

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  1. posture exercise

    Posted by James Pierce, DC, CPEP on 6th Mar 2015

    Most valuable concept?

    (1) I dont know as much as I think;
    (2) There is potential to have fun again with work.

  2. Posture certification reviews

    Posted by Tyler T on 3rd Feb 2015


  3. Very practical for an online course

    Posted by Wallace Jans, D.C. on 20th Jan 2015

    The material presented in this course is applicable to be applied immediately in a chiropractic practice. Presentation is clear and progressive, providing an effective learning experience.

  4. Posture Treatment

    Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2014

    I enjoyed taking the PosturePractice Courses one and two. I learned some new facts which will enable me to better serve my patients. Thank you for the opportunity. I will be taking more courses from you.

  5. love

    Posted by thanks on 16th Apr 2014


  6. Strong Posture course review

    Posted by Dr. Shane Chaisson on 25th Mar 2014

    There has been a "buzz" in our clinic since adding the BodyZone posture program. We find that patients look forward to their rehab sessions in our clinic.

    Successful patient experiences are countless. We teach patients how to isolate, mobilize, and strengthen the core musculature through StrongPosture® exercises and they feel better as their posture improves."

  7. The future of non-insurance based care..

    Posted by Dr. Jeff Roistacher on 16th Dec 2013

    The entire country is suffering from an epidemic of posture issues. Ipad, Iphone, texting, computers etc.. Why not learn to be the expert in correcting this? Orthodontists of the spine.. This CE modules has filled the holes in my practice. I highly recommend it.

  8. Better ideas for exercise implementation

    Posted by Janine Kelly, DC on 16th Dec 2013

    I learned better ways to implement core exercises/isolation and how to use demos to relate to patients. Its the simplest things to start with! Personally I loved the ball work.

  9. continuing ed

    Posted by C.A. on 24th Nov 2013

    Thank you for not being another sales pitch seminar and actually caring about what we’re teaching our clients. Took the 1st mod and am signing up for the rest today

  10. Rehab you can use right now!

    Posted by Dr. Jeff Brockman on 1st Nov 2013

    In 20 years of practice and countless continuing education hours, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more out of a seminar that I will use on Monday.

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