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Good Posture Blog

Offering patient education lectures and posture screenings to raise posture awareness

We all remember being told by our parents to stand up straight but we never really gave it that much thought… until we grew older and started to see the effects of a bad posture. Offering periodic community and in-office lectures is important because they give people more detailed information about the benefits of strengthening and maintaining good posture, as [...]

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Promoting with Posture Month

Posture Concepts, Posture Pictures, and FREE Resources to help your Posture Month be a success Observing posture is a window to assessing bio-mechanics, and correlating someone's function with their symptoms. If you care for people with back, neck or musculo-skeletal pain, or if you're a motion- based professional, now's the time you should be taking [...]

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How to choose a posture grid

5 factors in choosing the best posture grid."What's the best posture assessment grid for my practice?"1. How much space do you have?Wall mount posture grids and door mount posture grids have the advantage of taking up zero floor space. The portable posture grid is free-standing, and the support system requires about a 10" clearance from a wall.2. Is durability and material a [...]

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