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Will You Pay More for Healthcare?

Nearly EVERY hand in the audience goes up when I ask a room full of people this question: "Do you think you will be paying more out of pocket for healthcare?".

DATAPOINT:  "Most significant reshaping of government benefit programs in over 50 years" is what today's Wall Street Journal called the proposed Republican budget plan from Paul Ryan.
The effect on Medicare- Costs will rise-- People will pay more out of pocket.

MY OBSERVATION: Even though there is no way will this proposal pass now... it draws a line in the sand far below Obama's numbers, and sets the expectation/fear that people will have to pay more out of pocket. And even if ObamaCare is implemented fully, reimbursements will still go down with Medicare..and medicare leads other insurance carriers who increasingly negotiate fee schedules as a percentage of medicare.  Either way, people are going to be paying more out of pocket.

CONCLUSION: Society is being shaped into the expectation of paying more out-of-pocket dollars for healthcare for "non-essential" (aka not life threatening) conditions. Patients will behave as consumers, choosing to buy with their HealthDollars products and services they perceive to be of value...from someone whom they trust.

ADVICE: Earn trust by helping people help themselves. Earn value by demonstrating the import and value of what you do. And position yourself uniquely.

STRATEGY FOR MUSCULO-SKELETAL PROFESSIONALS: Promote Posture... Take a Posture Picture... Teach StrongPostureTM exercises...Educate with the 5 Posture Principles. In other words....Become the Posture Expert...

Budget Talks Head to Brink, Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2011

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