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  • PostureZone Posture Analysis Software (in box with disc)
  • Posture Analysis Program
  • Posture Assessment Program: Complete program is included. No fees, no supplies to buy.
  • Upload up to 3 views quickly. Front, Back and Side
  • Pictures from your camera or cell phone are easy to load. You can even crop, fix lighting / contrast, etc.
  • You can mark only degrees of deviation for fast reports, or mark your findings by zone for in-depth reports.
  • Choose one view, or use Front, Side and Back views. Specific findings for each view can be marked in seconds.
  • So easy to use anyone in the office can process posture pictures. So fast, you can do them with every patient/ client.
  • Posture report is customizable and ready to print or save as pdf to email.
  • Posture Report showing AP, PA & Lateral Views - lines mark degree of deviation. Powerful tool for assessment and post care comparison reports.
  • Detailed report page shows findings by zones. Details are great for clinical documentation, though not necessary for a posture screening event.
  • Final page of detailed posture report. Many professionals opt for report cover and posture picture views only except for documentation or research.

PostureZone Software

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Product Description

 On Sale for Posture Month
 PostureZone is the software program for analyzing and documenting postural findings. The easy to use PostureZone assessment software generates a postural analysis using a digital image of your patients posture (posture picture). Posture Assessment is an effective tool for assessing posture distortions, demonstrating postural improvements with clinical treatments, and wellness assessments.

 “Very satisfied with the program. Used it with my patients for 2 months now. Good feedback especially when they see changes. Provides a measure for posture improvement and balance testing improvement. I recommend it.” ~Ethan White

PostureZone makes it easy for the posture pro to:

  • Import and edit images taken with your digital camera
  • Zoom and crop Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Rotate and overlay a digital posture grid
  • Near-perfect image rotation correction can be achieved by aligning digital grid overlay with an optional PostureZone Grid in the image background
  • Measure degrees of deviation from true vertical and horizontal by marking various anatomical landmarks


Document Clinical Postural Observations in each biomechanical posture zone, for example a posture pro might observe:

  • Cervical extension adaptation
  • High shoulder on right
  • Tight right arm-body space
  • Left foot pronated

Print posture picture reports with findings up to three views

  • AP - Front View
  • PA - Back View
  • Lateral - Side View

For single-date posture reports for a new patient / client baseline exam, or community posture screening, use the included "Strong Posture" information or edit text for your specific needs. You also have the option to create comparison reports using follow-up posture pictures, comparing posture measurements, as well as comparing postures picture pre and post care, or as an annual posture assessment exam.

Pre and post care / treatment / training reports support your posture improvement or rehabilitation plan, while also demonstrating positive results that patients / clients can easily communicate (and show) others, increasing referrals, compliance with care plan, and retention.

Promoting annual posture analysis builds awareness and reminds patients / clients that daily posture exercise (like Strong Posture Exercise Protocols) are an intelligent life habit.

A posture picture is worth a thousand words, and postural pictures provide compelling visual evidence for patients/clients as well as providing important data for tracking posture changes and choosing appropriate posture exercise rehab protocols. The horizontal and vertical lines make posture deviations easy to identify and explain to patients/clients, plus pre & post posture assessment pictures makes it easy to demonstrate increased symmetry, balance and other improvements or changes.

PostureZone software was developed by BodyZone.com the leader in posture rehab exercise, continuing education, and posture certification programs for posture-focused professionals (doctors, therapists, trainers, educators). Created specifically to fill the need in the marketplace for a modern, inexpensive, effective, easy-to-use, clinical posture assessment program. We use it too! In clinical practice, in research and in education. For this reason the program has continued to evolve since it's initial release in 2006.

“My partner and I are using PostureZone for our physical therapy research project. We are comparing forward head posture from the side before and after 2 different exercise programs to see if one is more effective at improving posture. The programs are 6 weeks long and we will be taking a picture of the participants before and after the program to see if there are any changes. Our research findings will be presented as our thesis at the end of our doctoral program.” ~Jordan Burkhart (Supervised by Dr. Craig Ruby), Director of Physical Therapy, Wheeling Jesuit University

You'll find no cartoon-images, or proprietary "posture number" or grading gimmicks to distract the patient / client from learning your assessment of their postural findings, and recommendations for posture improvement.

Also important to note: there are no monthly or annual fees, no fee-per-report, no supplies to buy. Updates are free.

PostureZone posture assessment software, posture exercise protocols and posture grids are used by doctors (DC, DO, DDS, MD, PhD), therapists (PT, MT, NMT, CMT, LMT, OT, Physio, rolfer, senior care), trainers (CPT, PT, FT), instructors (yoga, pilates, feldekrais, alexander technique, egoscue, etc) educators, researchers, coaches, physical education intructors, nurses, clinics, universities, collegiate sporting teams, athletic depts and hospitals worldwide.

Need Assessment Forms?  See Posture Pictures Book and the Assessment Forms and Flyers.

PostureZone is a Windows based program, compatible with all Windows operating systems. Please note it is not tablet/touch screen compatible.  Mac uses must boot to Windows or use Windows Emulator program to run.

Product Videos

PostureZone Posture Assessment software training.mp4 11:01

PostureZone is the #1 posture analysis software for performing digital posture assessments and reports. Simply take a posture picture with any digital camera and you're ready to assess and print a report! The posture software is excellent for posture screenings, pre-care assessment, post-care review, annual screening, clinical documentation, comparison reports, research and more. Available from http://www.PostureZone.com it was developed by doctors and trainers for use by doctors, trainers, therapists, instructors, coaches, physical education teachers, and other posture-based professionals. PostureZone grids charts, protocols and software are used in clinics, studios, gyms, training centers, rehab centers, senior centers, hospitals, universities, colleges, schools, as well as by athletic teams and departments worldwide.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Posture Analysis

    Posted by Dr. Jason Gardner on 4th Apr 2011

    Posture Zone connects our services and posture for our patients and really brings home the importance of continued maintenance care. Taking a posture picture on initial exam and then reviewing it during our report of findings starts patients with the knowledge that I work on more than low back pain. Along with the Strong Posture Exercises, PostureZone has been making a great difference for my patients and increases patient retention and makes getting involved in their own care fun.

    Easy to learn, PostureZone is an extremely professional posture assessment program at an extremely reasonable price. Posture Zone is hands down the best and most versatile Posture pro software that I have ever used.

  2. Posture analysis made easy

    Posted by Dr Blessley on 30th Mar 2011

    Entering pictures and posture data is pretty easy, we haven't done very many comparisons yet. Overall we have been very satisfied with the software and the customer support has been excellent.

  3. Posture assesment and posture pictures

    Posted by Dr. Alan Thompson on 27th Mar 2011

    PostureZone software is a wonderful product! I’ve looked into other products costing 3 times as much and yes even into thousands of dollars. They promise you the moon and or ease of operation and fall way short of either goal. PostureZone is easy to use; you don’t have to be a computer whiz to use it. (I fall into the computer challenged group) This program delivers what it advertises. MOST importantly, the patient “gets it” as soon as they see their best posture can be improved. They want to keep up with the care plan. Thank you for taking the effort to make a cost effective product! The posture grid is a big help also.

  4. Posture zone software review

    Posted by HealthNutPT on 26th Mar 2011

    I've used this posture software for 3 years and like it. (used posture pro in previous clinic, posturezone is superior) Easy to use, generally have staff take posture pictures and analyze. Have used at screenings, very effective for initial visit. Also do yearly screenings for K-12. Highly recommend, very satisfied.

  5. PostureZone

    Posted by Justin Martin on 25th Mar 2011

    I've used PZ to document postural findings of patients since 2007. Find it fast, efficient, comprehensive. Really like the 2011 update, and appreciate it was provided for free 4 yrs after purchase. Good company/people to work with.

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