Software Install

 Program Setup

1- Install

Put CD in drive and follow onscreen directions.

2– Enter Clinic Information

Under DATA>OFFICE enter clinic or doctor name, address and phone number.


3– Add Custom Text

Freeform text be entered on individual views or in study are entered into report.


Office defaults can be changed and edited under DATA/OFFICE with Dr’s office information and Customizable Phrases as well as four lines of additional information, as desired.

EG:    For more posture information contact:

Your Posture Specialists

Move, Feel, and Be Well

Bring this Posture Screen to our office within the next month for 

a consultation with the doctor.


4– Register

PostureZone must be registered with 30 days after first use. To obtain registration code email MAIL@BODYZONE.COM or call 1-770-922-0700 for an activation code which can be entered in HELP>REGISTER.

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