StrongPosture Ball, Cube & Mini Ball Set

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StrongPosture Ball, Cube & Mini Ball Set

These hand-held balls and cubes are easily compressed and great tools to refine StrongPosture® exercise protocols.

1 Set Includes:

  • 6 x StrongPosture® therapy micro balls
  • 3 x StrongPosture® cubes
  • 2 x Theraband inflatable mini balls

If you know the power of MUST vs TRY cueing, these mini therapy balls and cubes have the ideal density to help really lock-in someone's form. For example, put one behind the head for a more level-headed neck retraction, or put two behind the low back for a more controlled StrongPosture® tilt. Use cubes between the knees to focus attention on knee motion and positioning. Put a cube on the thigh to challenge the one leg balance.

Form and consistency are key as your patients/clients advance through the step-by-step StrongPosture Rehab protocol. 

  • The right size for cueing exercise
  • Provides positional feedback
  • Compresses for comfort
  • Low cost engaging tools your patients can use in the office or take home
  • Reinforces your posture message

Connect more with your patients and clients, and provide them with simple, elegant tools that work, and that they'll share with others as they talk about posture.

Used with the  Strong Posture® Rehab Program and the public Strong Posture course.


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