6 Steps to Successful Retailing - Begins with a Good Nights Sleep

6 Steps to Successful Retailing - Begins with a Good Nights Sleep

Posted by Renee North on 8th Jul 2019

Royal Rest Supportive Pillow

You can easily add revenue by retailing a variety of products that complement the services you provide.

Retailing Expert, Joshua Walker  offers this quick tip to integrate pillows into your practice shop:

  • 1.  During your consult, discuss sleep habits with your patient or client, including quality of sleep, duration and position.
  • 2.  Explain the toll a nightly habit of poor alignment takes on the neck, back, knees and hips.
  • 3.  Suggest they bring in their pillow on the next visit so you can assess their sleeping posture, and see if the pillow is providing sufficient cervical support.

"Our experience shows 9 out of 10 people are sleeping on a pillow that is low quality and does not provide adequate support. They’ll need your help finding ‘the right fit’ . As for the 1 in 10 that have made a wise choice in sleep support - give their pillow a stamp of approval and recommend they inspect it again in several months for any breakdown in materials or support," says Walker.

  • 4.  Offer a variety of a few, high quality, supportive cervical pillows in your office.We like Royal Rest because of it's exemplary performance and high reviews.
  • 5.  Allow patients and clients to try pillows in the office to find one that fits comfortably, keeps the body in alignment and provides good support. (Keep a series of tester pillows encased in plastic or invest in disposable pillow cases.)
  • 6.  Provide your patient or client with a written ‘prescription’ of the pillow name and type to take to checkout. Staff can pull the appropriate pillow from inventory and complete the transaction.

Implement this system to retail pillows, and other lifestyle products, in your office or clinic and you’ll see positive results quickly. Your clientele will appreciate your expertise and time in assessing the right products for their body type and habits, and understand the importance and value of getting the right fit for each member of their family. Meanwhile, you’ll appreciate the increase to your revenue stream.

Here are the pillows we recommend that are perfect for practice retail.

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