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Posture specialist certificationOffering posture rehab will greatly benefit your practice

When you are able to offer rehabilitation to your clients you will be boosting your practice to a whole new level. This is the reason why so many professionals are opting to get their posture specialist certification and make sure that they can provide their patients with the most comprehensive information and knowledge on how to change their posture and live much better lives. 

There are very few things that are as important as the way we walk and sit. This is going to determine a lot in regards to our quality of life in the long run.

Transform your practice in 15 weeks

You can really transform your practice in just 15 weeks by learning all the important and valuable information that is included in the weekly training sessions included with the posture program. This is the best and most dedicated training program for people who want to become specialists in the field of posturing. There is no doubt that you could be one of those people who are able to change the lives of others by teaching them proper posturing and helping them enhance their quality of live to levels that they never even imagined possible.

Why You Must Start Taking Posture Pictures

5 Ways Posture Pictures Beat X-raysBy Dr. Steven WeinigerPosture pictures are a better choice for many purposes than X-rays as a tool for practitioners who focus on pain, posture, function or motion in practice. In my personal practice experience, in the past my treatment was guided by x-rays far more than it is today, an [...]

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iPosture Conditions | Text Neck, Computer Slump, Texting Thumb

Life has changed a lot and now most of the world is a part of, or slave to, mobile technology.  Our collective posture has been folded and molded by the internet, while we text, tap and swipe on iPhones, iPads, tablets, phablets, laptops and desktops. Hours hunched over, searching, answering, staring at a screen has created new conditions [...]

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​Posture Pictures assessment as a first step to help clients improve posture

If you want to learn methods to easily capture posture pictures, the most common postural adaptations, contributing muscle patterns, and tons of tips to communicate these findings to your patient or client, we highly recommend Posture Pictures: Posture Assessment, Screenings Marketing & Forms, written by Dr. Steven Weiniger, posture expert, and Renee North, NASM trainer, yoga and [...]

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Improve posture without a back brace or posture support

Do you want to improve posture?Does your back posture when you sit cause back pain?Is bad posture slowing you down and taking the fun out of activity?What about a back brace?A back brace or other posture support brace simply won’t work. Good posture is a balance of strength and flexibility, symmetry and balance. [...]

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​Posture Rehab Protocol Set

Need a complete, step-by-step, easy to implement rehab protocol?   Want to offer services that set you apart in the community?  Ready to help more people with an effective rehab protocol? This is the best guide you’ll find on learning and integrating the protocols you need to use in order to maximize your results with patients and clients. The steps [...]

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Still Sitting? Take a Posture Stretch Break

Postural upper, mid and low back pain is a painful problem and common complaint with computer users and others who spend all day sitting. Long hours sitting to work, travel or relax causes weak posture leading to poor posture habits. Over time, weakened posture causes uneven stress on the body, pain and breakdown (arthritis and DJD, Degenerative Joint Disease) in the spine [...]

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6 Steps to Successful Retailing - Begins with a Good Nights Sleep

You can easily add revenue by retailing a variety of products that complement the services you provide. Retailing Expert, Joshua Walker of Chiro1Source offers this quick tip to integrate pillows into your practice shop: 1.  During your consult, discuss sleep habits with your patient or client, including quality of sleep, duration and position. 2.  Explain the toll a nightly habit of poor [...]

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Foam Roll in a Posture Exercise Program

It's important to incorporate a variety of posture tools in a rehab or fitness programAre you taking time to make sure there is something new and fresh added to your patient and client fitness or rehab programs? If you get tired teaching the same things day in, and day out, I assure you, your patients and clients are getting [...]

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Posture Analysis - 1st Step to Improve Posture

It’s time to Look at What’s Happening to Your Posture… and Do Something about It. More and more we’re slumped over computers or hunched over cellphones and tablets, and it’s wreaking havoc on our posture. Mom told us to “stand up straight”, but the stress of bodies being squeezed behind a desk and fixed in front of a [...]

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