Foam Roll in a Posture Exercise Program

Foam Roll in a Posture Exercise Program

Posted by Renee North on 9th Sep 2019

It's important to incorporate a variety of posture tools in a rehab or fitness program

Are you taking time to make sure there is something new and fresh added to your patient and client fitness or rehab programs? If you get tired teaching the same things day in, and day out, I assure you, your patients and clients are getting bored too.

Foam rolls as a posture tool.

Patient engagement in the posture exercise program is crucial to their success and compliance.

Try adding low tech tools to make the time you spend teaching (and the time they spend doing) exercise more interactive. Just about any exercise can be made more challenging – and interesting – by adapting it for use with large exercise balls, a mini therapeutic ball, foam rolls or resistance bands.

Have you been teaching a one leg balance? 

Try one of these adaptations using a foam roll;

  • Stand on the curved side of a ½ round foam roll (flat side down)
  • Now, flip the foam roll over and stand on the flat side
  • Have your patient try it again – this time with eyes-closed

A simple modification that integrates an inexpensive tool will add fun – and often laughter – to a posture exercise session. Creating a positive experience makes it far more likely the patient will follow through on their rehab homework, and be looking forward to their next appointment.

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