Head to Toe Assessments: Evaluation in Pedorthics and Orthotics

Head to Toe Assessments: Evaluation in Pedorthics and Orthotics

Posted by Renee North, CPT, CPEP on 19th Jan 2024

As specialists in foot orthotics, braces, and custom fitted devices, you know that alignment and posture imbalances often start from the ground up. That’s why making posture assessments a regular part of your practice can provide huge benefits for both you and your patients.

At a minimum, perform a quick posture evaluation during the initial fitting and final follow-up appointments with each patient. Additionally, a comprehensive postural analysis every 3-6 months allows you to track meaningful changes over time. There are several advantages this simple practice offers:

  • Identify anatomical and biomechanical factors impacting foot, ankle, and gait function
  • Pinpoint areas of tightness or weakness contributing to poor posture
  • Gauge improvements or declines in posture and weight distribution over time
  • Educate patients on postural habits that may be affecting lower limb health
  • Demonstrate clear progress that motivates patient compliance
  • Determine needs for additional orthotic adjustments, devices, or therapies
  • Quantify outcomes that showcase the impact of your treatments

Conduct posture checks with patients standing in front of a wall-mounted posture grid. Capture photos from the front, back, and sides in their natural posture. Compare photos over time to illustrate changes. Look for asymmetry, spinal alignment, and pelvic tilt that may relate to orthotic needs.

Explain the purpose of posture assessments to educate patients. Show them the photos and explain your expert analysis. Patients appreciate the visual evidence and guidance.

Incorporating posture evaluations requires minimal time but offers immense payoff. You’ll gain clinical insights, demonstrate expanded value to patients, and reinforce your expertise. With simple consistency, it’s a best practice that can elevate your patient care and your business.

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