iPosture Conditions | Text Neck, Computer Slump, Texting Thumb

iPosture Conditions | Text Neck, Computer Slump, Texting Thumb

Posted by Renee North on 7th Jan 2022

iPosture conditions include text-neck, texting thumb, carpal tunnel and others.

Life has changed a lot and now most of the world is a part of, or slave to, mobile technology. 

Our collective posture has been folded and molded by the internet, while we text, tap and swipe on iPhones, iPads, tablets, phablets, laptops and desktops. Hours hunched over, searching, answering, staring at a screen has created new conditions like text-neck, computer-slump and texting-thumb, while also reigniting oldfavorites like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), forward head posture (FHP) and introduced a far younger generation to old faithful, low back pain (LBP).

There may be more than a little irony in developing an app to evaluate 'iPosture' – but, we’ve done it. They say if you want to reach someone, you have to speak their language and go where they are. The PostureZone app does just that.

Developed for iPhone, iPad and iTouch (coming to Android) PostureZone nestles happily into a corner of your iPhone and travels with you making an instant DIY posture check possible anywhere. At the gym, on the trail, or in your living room.

The app allows you to snap a picture to set a benchmark for posture progress and keep track of your improvements or decline seen in future pictures. The app is available for free on iTunes and comes loaded with everything you need for a periodic self-analysis. As an alternative to your daily selfie, PostureZone also has a share feature for Facebook and Twitter.

Tech is taking us in the direction of... well, of staying seated, folded forward in a perpetual hunch. Communicating, working and playing online does have real, lifelong consequences as your body adapts to this folded posture. Being aware of how digital habits affect you is key to maintaining optimal health.

Download the Posture app – take your first posture picture today and make a note on your calendar to do it again in 3 months. Then compare the images and look for differences.

Being aware is a first step in building better habits.

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