Optimizing Mobility: The Value of Posture Analysis in Senior Care

Optimizing Mobility: The Value of Posture Analysis in Senior Care

Posted by Renee North, CPT, CPEP on 25th Jan 2024

Elevating Senior Care Through Posture Screening

As leaders in senior living and care, you know quality of life is deeply tied to mobility and activity. Making posture assessments a simple, engaging part of your offerings can provide immense value for both your residents and your organization.

Aim to perform quick annual posture checks with each senior. Here are some of the key benefits this minimal time investment offers:

  • Gain insight into muscle weakness, imbalance and restrictions impacting mobility
  • Identify postural habits that may increase fall risk and reduce activity
  • Track improvements or declines year-over-year to optimize care plans
  • Educate and motivate senior residents by showing posture changes over time
  • Determine needs for additional therapies, exercises or assistive devices
  • Engage and empower seniors in their health journey for better compliance
  • Create opportunities to improve postural control for stability and function
  • Showcase tangible outcomes to families and prospective residents

Who Leads Posture Screenings

Posture checks can easily be led by your community's resident physical therapist, visiting rehab specialists, recreation director, fitness coordinator or trained activity staff. Having a consistent point person for assessments creates continuity. Explain the process and benefits of posture screening to build engagement among residents.

The quick front and side photo capture using a posture grid takes just a few minutes per resident. Over time, the assessments become an engaging part of the annual care plan that residents look forward to participating in. For seniors requiring a walker, cane or wheelchair the protocol is the same.

Remember, everyone has room for improvement.

Choosing the Time of Year for Senior Assessments

Consider conducting annual posture screens with seniors and geriatrics at consistent times to seamlessly incorporate them into the activity calendar. Some options are New Year’s for a “fresh start”, Spring into Health in April, or Posture Month in May. Timing them for resident’s birthday months is also a great way to personalize the experience. Advance planning allows you to promote the upcoming posture checks to build excitement and engagement among residents.

Explain the value of posture assessments to residents in a positive, encouraging manner. They’ll appreciate being engaged in their care and mobility.

Adding this simple screening delivers immense dividends. You’ll gather meaningful clinical insights, demonstrate your commitment to optimize senior living, and reinforce your community’s person-centered approach. Most importantly, it engages and motivates the seniors you serve.

Choose the right posture grid for your senior living or care facility:

The How-To Guide on Posture Screening:

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