Improve posture without a back brace or posture support

Improve posture without a back brace or posture support

Posted by Renee North on 7th Mar 2019

  • Do you want to improve posture?Posture Brace for Posture Support?
  • Does your back posture when you sit cause back pain?
  • Is bad posture slowing you down and taking the fun out of activity?

What about a rest?

It's always tempting to book a week long beach vacation at a St. George Island rental so that you can relax and recover from back pain. But does it work? Not usually. Rest doesn't correct biomechanical problems, in fact it can create more strain and weakness if you're resting for the wrong reasons.

What about a back brace?

back brace or other posture support brace simply won’t work. Good posture is a balance of strength and flexibility, symmetry and balance. A back brace or posture support (like PostureNow seen on Shark Tank and other similar products) do nothing but put tension on the body to hold it in place. What happens when you take it off? You’re worse!

Posture braces don’t work.

Think of a cast holding an arm at a 90 degree angle for several weeks. When you take off the cast, is the arm stronger?  Does it move with ease? No! The arm is weak because muscles have atrophied, and even worse – it’s painful to straighten because it was held in a fixed position, over-tightening some muscles and over-stretching others.

What about a chair support?

Most chair supports are designed to fit behind your back and force your body forward, this is not effective. For proper support in your office chair, try a wedge. It's designed to go in the seat of your chair and gently tilts your hips forward, while your spine "floats" in a supported, comfortable position.

The only way to improve posture and eliminate the pain associated with poor habits is with corrective, strengthening posture exercises. A comprehensive, easy-to-follow program will get you back in-line, balanced, and stronger in just weeks.

Whether you need a self-help technique for yourself, or a poor posture correction protocol to help your patients and clients, the highly acclaimed 7-week program in Stand Taller Live Longer is a step-by-step series of posture exercises that will show measurable results almost immediately.

Improving posture (without a back brace) will improve your quality of life. It also can help a myriad of other posture problems like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches. To be active in your 50’s, 60,s 70s, 80s, and even 90’s you have to start changing your posture now!

Posture exercise replaces back braces (at a fraction of the cost). Stand Taller Live Longer is available on,, Amazon, Kindle, Nook and at hundreds of health and wellness offices worldwide. 

If you prefer to work with a posture specialist checkout the BodyZone Posture Pro directory.

Posture changes made today will influence your habits for a lifetime!

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