​Posture Rehab Program

​Posture Rehab Program

Posted by Renee North on 9th Jun 2022

  • Need a complete, step-by-step, easy to implement rehab protocol?  
  • Want to offer services that set you apart in the community? 
  • Ready to help more people with an effective rehab protocol?

Posture Rehab Protocol with Exercise Sheets

This is the best guide you’ll find on learning and integrating the protocols you need to use in order to maximize your results with patients and clients. The steps that are included in the program will increase the participation of patients and stimulate referrals from them.

  1. It comes with a very comprehensive DVD that will show you step by step exercises for the beginning balance and alignment posture rehabilitation exercises.

  2. It also comes with a professional training manual for you and your staff. In it you’ll learn the order to teach, the goal, positioning, reasoning, specific technique, suggested MF and NM therapy that can accompany the exercise, and a ton of staff and patient education information.

  3. The included CD has individual exercise prescription handouts. Customize these to include your practice information and then print your master copies. There is an individual exercise sheet for each rehab exercise. Use the write-in fields to enter your expectation for repetitions and the recheck date. An amazing tool to guarantee compliance, results and referrals.

  4. As a special bonus, we will also send you a copy of Stand Taller Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy. The book has been featured by media including, NBC, ABC, FOX, Oxygen, Natural Health, American Fitness, Prevention Magazine, Bottom Line Health and hundreds of other outlets. The book is in the offices and home of thousands of professionals – we want a copy in your hands too!

This is an extremely popular protocol at a very low cost and this will prove to be the one of the most complete and useful products that you’ve ever purchased for your practice.

We strongly recommend taking the first module of Posture Practice online for more detailed information on integrating the Posture Rehab Protocol Set and included  exercise sheets. It’s a great introduction to the science, research, assessment, anatomy, marketing and communication concepts that make the protocols so successful for so many practices internationally.

Posture Certification Training

*Posture Rehab Protocols are also taught in the CPEP Posture Certification training program by BodyZone.com and PosturePractice.com  

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