Promoting with Posture Month

Promoting with Posture Month

Posted by Dr. Steven Weiniger on 18th Apr 2014

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Posture Concepts, Posture Pictures, and FREE Resources to help your Posture Month be a success 

Observing posture is a window to assessing bio-mechanics, and correlating someone's function with their symptoms. If you care for people with back, neck or musculo-skeletal pain, or if you're a motion- based professional, now's the time you should be taking annual Posture Pictures of your patients/clients.

Posture literally sets the baseline for locomotor function, and a simple digital picture is one of the most effective ways to benchmark that function. Motion and bio-mechanical pain conditions affect Punjabi's three subsystems of motion - the active CONTRACTING muscles, the passive CONNECTING ligaments, tendons, bone and fascia, and the CONTROLLING nervous systems - CNS, PNS and autonomic. 

Kinetic chain motion is complex, and the interaction of the Contracting, Connecting and Controlling motion systems’ compensation and adaptation to balance the body creates asymmetry and sensori-motor errors.

Static posture assessment can be a great proxy for observing those errors within an individual, in the disparity between how someone thinks they are standing, and the truth told by a picture. Especially when tracked over time, postural patterns are valuable observation to be correlated with history and objective findings.

Promote with Posture Month, why not hold a Posture Screening at your practice or in the community? is offering several free resources during Posture Month 2014 to help you make your Posture Month Promotion a success! Register for their monthly e-news, and you'll receive free marketing resources monthly.

PostureZone offers a 30 Day version of their posture analysis software for $19.95, and a free app by the same name for iPhone/iPad.

The StrongPosture™ concepts from Stand Taller~Live Longer: An Anti- Aging Strategy are used by CPEPs (posture certification) and other posture professionals who use posture as a framework for communicating bio-mechanics to patients/clients with the PosturePractice models. 

Tools to consider for Posture Month Prep:

Posture Pictures, Assessment, Screening, Marketing & Forms

Postural Analysis Grid

PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad (FREE)

PostureZone Software for PC ($20-$499)

Posture Lecture (corporate / community screening)

Free Posture Month Marketing Flyer (FREE -register through Posture Practice)

Spinal Month Video - for more ideas on incorporating posture.

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