Still Sitting? Take a Posture Stretch Break

Still Sitting? Take a Posture Stretch Break

Posted by Renee North on 7th Nov 2019

Posture Stretch -

Postural upper, mid and low back pain is a painful problem and common complaint with computer users and others who spend all day sitting. Long hours sitting to work, travel or relax causes weak posture leading to poor posture habits.

Over time, weakened posture causes uneven stress on the body, pain and breakdown (arthritis and DJD, Degenerative Joint Disease) in the spine and joints.

Mid back pain is usually positional, meaning it gets better or worse dependent on body position. Pain may be triggered by activity or without apparent cause.

Reversing the effects of poor posture habits requires a posture assessment and daily focused posture exercise to strengthen weakness of core postural muscles.

"Posture develops over the years, but is strengthened in many moments. A few minutes of Strong Posture a day can train your body to stand taller, move better and live healthier." Dr. Steven Weiniger

Once you’ve taken steps to improve posture, be aware of your daily habits. If work or hobbies require long periods of sitting, take frequent posture stretch breaks. Spending just a few minutes every hour will help you to maintain strong posture, and avoid future back pain episodes.

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